Pure Sine wave 1000W 48V 96v 110v 120v 220v on grid wind inverter bult in controller grid tie inverter wifi LED Display option

Pure Sine wave 1000W 48V 96v 110v 120v 220v on grid wind inverter bult in controller grid tie inverter wifi LED Display option
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ANSTAR Dvr Dash Camera 8\'\'IPS 4G Dual Lens Video Recorder Mirror Registrar Bult In GPS Wifi Bluetooth Car DVRs Multi-Lingua


Car center console dashboard Installation Design 

  • Safer and more stable installation way, keep your car in original style


4G module for SIM card (Internet)+WIFI module router=Surfing faster

  • Thanks to 4G SIM card and built in wifi, no matter where you are driving, you will enjoy the fun from internet surfing , make it possible for online navigation/ music /movie ect . 

  • Remarks: before you place the order, please kindly check whether your local SIM card network is below bands or not: 

  • 3G /WCDMA:2100(B1)/900(B8); 4G/LTE:FDD,2100(B1)/1800(B3)

  • Otherwise,  the car dvr will not identify your sim card. 


Car assist mobile app+Internet surfing =Remote Monitor

  • With our unique remote monitor mobile app “Car Assist” and internet connection, it allows you to remote monitor your car driving path, and what happened around your car, no matter where you are. 


ADAS Plus Make Driving Safer 

  • Advanced Driving Alarm Systems (LDWS/ FCWS/FVMA) , it is useful alarm systems to keep your driving safer. 


8-in Ultra Big Clear Touch Panel

  • You will have experience as using your mobile phone, for the screen is large 8 inch. Super screen displays, ideal for watching HD movies, playing games, browsing the web,or reading the graphics with bright colors, and provides detailed maps views, all in this 8inch screen               



Record HD 1080P Video   

  • Record HD Video in 1080P mode. 2.0 Wide Angle front camera lens, capture all the action in crystal clear HD video. Video and audio are automatically recorded in an endless loop and saved in memory card. Record traffic incidents, scenic travel, unexpected moments or any social media worthy video.

GPS Navigation

  • GPS Navigation has a search field that makes it easy to find addresses.
       Speed limit indicator - unit displays speed limits for most major roads.


Android Smart Chip

The Quad core 1.3GHZ high performance processor incorporates Android 5.1 smart systems,it make the car dvr runs more quickly ,smoothly and stablely.


Bluetooth Hands -free

When your phone and recorder connected to the Bluetooth ,you can answer the phone via                                

Bluetooth ,call names simultaneouslym smart calls ,reduce driving risk.



High-speed network+Two-way WIFI

Car neteorking is so convenient


Remto Monitor

Scan the QR code  to download the car assistant to the mobile phone, which can monitor the car in real time,whether it is at home,company or office,anywhere ,anytime.


GPS Navigation

Download your favorite GPS to internal memory ,with the addtional GPS antenna ,this dvr provides the bist ecperience no matter the destination is.


Double lens is more assured

The screen shoes the video of the front of  the car and the back of the car ,no need to worry about reversing.


4G version has ADAS function

When the lane offset ,it will automatically voice alerts,so as to avoid fatigue driving and accidents.


FM transmit function

Do you like to listening to music while you drive ?Thanks to the FM transmission function,you could synchronize the mirror dvr music to your car audio wiht ease ,And you see movie when you anr free or waiting for some one to enjoy the seconds in the car


Loop video

When  the menory card space is insufficient,can automtically cocer the earliest video one by one.


In the event of a violent collision ,th collision video is protected separately from overwriting

Parking monitor

24-hour remote monitoring, when the mobile phone has a moving object in front of the vehicle, the recorder automatically turns on the recording function.

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1.How to use 4G SIM card?
A: If the car dvr is equipped with a 4G SIM card, you can share the Internet through the Wi-Fi router function. The remote monitoring function of dvr also requires a car dvr with a SIM card internet or wifi network.

2. Why does the car dvr not recognize the SIM card?
A: First, please turn off the car dvr and check if the SIM card is inserted in the correct direction.

3. Can I turn off the screen without turning off the recording?
A: Yes, of course, we can suppress and restore the screen with a power button. When the screen expires, we don\'t lose the currently running process, such as: logger, navigation, etc.

4. How can I listen to music from the mirror?
A: We can listen to music in several ways:
 - Use FM transmitter function - Radio waves will be transmitted to car radio
 - Use the built-in speaker. You can listen to music using the music player.

5. Do you need a memory card?
A: The device has an internal memory, and its preferred use should be installed application or map data, music, etc.
Video recording files, which require a memory card to support recording and storage.
Please use the Class 10 high speed micro sd card. Thank you.

6. How to use the speakerphone?
A: We need to run Bluetooth and then connect to our smartphone, which can be hands-free.

7. Which applications are useful?
A: Each user has different requirements for the application he is interested in. The basic application of each driver is of course navigation. By default, Google Maps is installed on your device, and you can download any Android app for free, such as Youtube, Waze, and more.

8. Can I download any other app to this car dvr?
A: Yes, this car dvr is built into the Google Play market. You need a Google account (such as a Gmail address) to sign in to the Google Play Marketplace to download your favorite apps.

9. Can you navigate while recording the front camera?
A: Yes, Mirror supports multitasking (background applications).

12. How to connect the rear camera?
A: Connect the red wire of the rear cable to the positive terminal of the car\'s backup lamp power supply.

10. Why is there no sound in the car?
A: Please check if you turn on the car DV FM transmitter function. If yes, please turn off the FM power. Otherwise the dvr speaker will automatically turn off.

11. Does the 784 support remote monitoring?
A: Yes, no matter where you are, you can get the ANSTAR 784 smart mirror dvr by supporting the smartphone app “Car Assist” for instant vision.

12.The device has flash on the screen.
A: please don\'t worry, the devie need to update. Please conatct us and we will send you the latest firmware for update.  
If the product is no problem, it is not recommended to install the firmware. It may not be easy to use after installation.

13.Why the device goes sleep every 5 seconds?
A: Since the dvr is used in cars, the battery capacity is very small and if it is not charged,
It will go into sleep mode, it is designed to keep power, in case it has some accidents like crashes,Then it will have power records, this is normal, don\'t worry

14.If the product has other anomalies
A:Please use a small pin, press the "RESET" button for 3 seconds, restore the factory settings, restart

If you have any special requirements, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.