Super High Quality Natural Pterocarpus Santalinus 108 Mala Bracelet 8mm Red Wood Beads Unisex Prayer Jewelry

Super High Quality Natural Pterocarpus Santalinus 108 Mala Bracelet 8mm Red Wood Beads Unisex Prayer Jewelry
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High Quality 6mm*108 Pcs  Qinan Huanghuali Prayer Enamel European Bead Mala Wood Rosary Necklace Bracelet Worry Komboloi Brown 

Hainan huanguali wood

Bead Size: (6mm)*108 Pcs


Incense prayer beads features:

First, a low-key and reserved agarwood prayer beads as decorations, the wearer appears to have training and content.
Second, because it is made from agarwood agarwood prayer beads made with natural fragrance of incense, natural and elegant, wear on it, better than the smear perfume, as long as the maintenance of good flavor Mianyuan long.
Third, agarwood prayer beads, often struck, recited the chanting, and meditation repose can eliminate irritability trouble.
Fourth, as a practitioner of the Buddha, can remind the wearer, repair of Yang Xin, do not do evil and pursue the public good.
Fifth, because incense pharmaceutically acceptable, you can medicinal things are safe. Wear beads can smell the incense exudes aroma and nerves, also can ward off evil.
Incense prayer beads worn:
Generally, prayer beads to wear the correct number of teeth, so as to play its proper role.

Added: incense form and efficacy (agarwood ranking Buddhist "four incense," the head of the Royal Queen has always been, very valuable, valuable for collection)


the number of the beads according to their different meanings, there are nine kinds, are: 14, 18, 21, 27, 36, 42, 54, 108, 1080.

1080, based on the verse records and everyone\'s experience, prayer beads in the top grade is 1080, but this is too long beads, usually only a few well-known monks wear.

108 is the number of mainstream stars, I meant 108 kinds of trouble, and the Buddhist world, a total of 10 circles (ten Dharma Realm Buddhist terminology, the Buddha and sentient beings are divided into ten categories means: Hell Dharma, Dharma hungry, beast Dharma, Dharma Ashura, people Dharma, Dharma days, grievous judicial system, Pratyeka Dharma, the Buddha Dharma and Dharma circles.
Who called six before six, after four called the Four Noble, collectively known as six forty St.), each sector has 108 kinds of trouble, so the total is 1080.
108, in addition to the more common prayer beads top grade is 108, but also the common market, one of 108 means that confirmation eighty Samadhi, and remove 108 kinds of trouble, so that body and mind can achieve a state of silence.


 Eighty trouble contents, there are many different versions, in general, six each have bitter, music, three homes affected, merged into 18 kinds, and six have good, evil, flat three kinds, merged into 18 kinds, namely, 36 kinds, together with the past, present and future III, close to 108 kinds of troubles.

54, there is the 54 representatives of Bodhisattva practice during 54 ranking;

42, on behalf of Buddha practice process 42 of rank;

36, is the Jodo 36 (108 of a third resolution to carry), Zen 18 (of 18 circles).

27, if the representative said that the four-way Theravada practice twenty seven sages bit;

21, represents the 10, the ten perfections, Buddhahood 21 ranking;


14, represents the Goddess of Mercy and ten, III, six and all beings in the same sad belief, so that all living beings fearless get 14 kinds of merit, 14 is a common number of stars in general rosary bracelets, and holding Guanyin name, sentient beings The resulting Crawford and countless different. Represents the Goddess of Mercy and ten, III, six and all beings in the same sad belief, so that all living beings get fourteen kinds of fearlessness merit, which I ask God to bless my mother\'s rosary bracelet, until the day before again become We were complete. Chen Hui people are not born to hate, is fearless. ;

12, on behalf of the "second cause." Origination including past karma (ignorance and row two), now bitter (identification, name-color, six in, touch, by, etc. five), now cause (love, take, there are three, etc.), the future bitter ( health, old age and death and other two). Is a double causal, this is life and death, I continued with the Buddha legend of an iron will.



Origin Introduction:

Incense origin mainly in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and other south east Asian countries, especially China Hainan incense output is precious. Indonesia, Myanmar and other countries have been in the history of the production of incense.


Incense prayer beads maintenance:

1) Avoid and chemicals, shampoo shampoos, soaps, perfumes, etc. together.

2) incense though afraid of rain, sweat, etc., but long-term wear will form a beautiful patina, long after the taste will be lighter is normal, usually with no time to remember the mouth shut with a closure pockets such care, if you\'re You can smell like rich with fine sandpaper lightly polished layer (typically do not recommend using this method)

3) Avoid wearing long in the sun, usually without the time put the seal bag and stored in a cool place.


Incense prayer beads bracelets are not always sink water

In fact, the name of the source of agarwood is not because submerged called incense, incense prayer beads can sink water only with oil-related, only a handful of incense prayer beads to sink in water. Usually we called the A-class cooked knot dead weight. This incense is incense trunk oil and wood shed buried in the swamp, water, soil among parasitic fungal invasion, it has been in the swamp after a century or even several centuries of precipitation Aging, to form a condensate, had been digging out, this can only be submerged, so the market price of about 15 grams of a submerged incense rosary price of around 30,000, it shows the extent of the precious few. However, most natural fragrant incense knot in the tree is not submerged, we collectively sink a living knot live, but this can be considered a natural wild agarwood


just to tell you  Friends
Submerged just a standard measure of incense, not to say that submerged like, is generally not submerged incense
Submerged the incense, the water does not sink also has good flavor, Indonesia rarely out of submerged material, each a piece, will be priceless
Vietnam and India will be a submerged expected, but the market price in general.
So that buyers do not have to deliberately entangled in sink does not sink in water, incense, good material,your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit


Package including :

1x buddha bracelet as picture shows